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Dog Collective Co.

welcomes you 

with open paws

Where dogs and people collaborate 


At Dog Collective Co. we love dogs and believe they too are part of our family. We're all about providing top quality dog grooming services, whether it's via our Professional Dog Groomer Training Academy,  Professional Dog Grooming StudioGrooming Business Consulting & Casual Groomer Training or Learn to Groom Your Own Dog Workshops or  DIY Dog Maintenance Seminars, we take great pride and care in everything we do.  

Dog Collective Co.'s grooming & training studio is based in Southport on the Gold Coast and is lovingly owned and operated by Tammy and her assistant Pomeranian Frankie. Our grooming studio caters for small and medium dogs of all breeds under 15 kilos and some larger dogs for our training academy too. Dog Collective Co. operates strictly by appointment. 


We look forward to welcoming you to the Dog Collective Co. family.


Love 'n' Licks,

Tammy & Frankie


Owners Tammy and Frankie

Dog Collective Co. Owners

and Groomer Trainers

Tammy & Frankie





Learn how to be a 

professional dog groomer

Dog Collective Co. also offers professional dog groomer training. Have you always dreamt of becoming a dog groomer? Maybe you loved learning how to groom your own dog so much that you want to turn it into your new career? Just imagine turning up for work everyday and having Poochie the Pomeranian, Bella the Bichon, Larry the Labrador and Milo the Maltese as your clients?

Dog Collective Co. can help you fulfil your dream and train you in everything "dog groomer". Having trained multiple dog groomers in the past, it's a delight seeing them now running their own successful dog grooming businesses or working within the industry. 

(Dog Grooming Courses, Dog Grooming Course) 

Would you like to learn

to groom your own dog?

We understand that dog lovers (such as yourself) want to be more hands on and in touch with their four legged friends grooming needs, therefor, we've introduced DIY dog grooming workshops.

Ever wanted to learn how to properly groom your own dog? Does your dog get stressed when it goes to the groomers and you wish you could just groom it yourself? Do you want to save money by grooming your own dog? Or, can you simply not bare being away from your fur baby when it visits the groomers? What ever your reason, Dog Collective Co. is here to teach you how to groom your own four legged friend.

FYI, These are private workshops, just you and your fur baby/s!

(Learn to groom dogs)

Would you like to know how to care for your dog in between grooms?

Embark on a journey to become your dog's grooming guru with our DIY Dog Maintenance Seminar and discover the secrets to keeping your furry friend looking and feeling their best between professional grooming sessions.

Our seminars empower pet parents with practical skills including brushing techniques, tidying/cleaning of eyes and ears, as well as hygiene maintenance. Join my seminars to discover the secrets of maintaining your dog's well-being at home, ensuring they remain happy, healthy, and safely maintained between grooms.

N.B. These are group seminars with multiple people and their furry friends too.

Do you need a mentor, coach, consultant or casual groomer trainer for you or your
grooming business?

Having assisted with the set-up of dozens of dog grooming businesses (including a few of my own), mentored, coached and trained a multitude of salon owners, as well as the hiring and/or training of dog grooming staff, set up of systems and procedures and everything else dog grooming business related, We know we have the skills and expertise to take you and/or your grooming business to the next level. Or, maybe you're just after a casual groomer training option for yourself?

Business coaching and/or groomer training by Dog Collective Co. will have you and/or your grooming business barking up the RIGHT tree!

Is your pooch 

in need of a makeover?

Dog Collective Co. offers professional dog grooming services for all small to medium breeds (under 15kgs). With years of experience in the grooming industry, we understand the needs of you and your fur baby when it comes to groom time. Whether it's an all over shave off for your beach buddy or a scissored style cut for your coffee date, we have the expertise to please both hound and human. We operate strictly by appointment only from our private grooming studio based in Southport on the Gold Coast. 

(Dog Groomers Gold Coast, Dog Grooming Gold Coast)

Half Price

Dog Grooming

Want 50% off 

your dog's groom?

As Dog Collective Co. is also a training academy for dog groomers, we regularly require 'doggie models' for our trainee groomers to learn on.

All grooms are assisted and supervised by a professional dog groomer trainer (Tammy) at all times.

As grooms are being done by a trainee, all services are at least 50% off the usual price.

​If your dog is well behaved and under 15kgs (please enquire for larger breeds) we'd love to have them in as a 'doggie model'.



I think dogs are the most most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me, they are the role model for being alive.

Gilder Radner

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