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jenny and Sunny doing a workshop
Lady and dog doing a workshop
Catherine and Chai doing a workshop


Welcome fellow dog lover. Just by being here you've taken the first step in becoming your dogs own personal hairdresser, nail technician, stylist or overall "dogsbody". Having been in the dog grooming industry for many years, a comment that's often heard is "I wish I could do that". Wish no more as Dog Collective Co. can get you up to scratch with how to care for your dogs grooming needs.

  • Want to learn how to properly groom your own dog?
  • Want to know how to upkeep your dog in between grooms? (You know, their nails, that hair around their eye's & booty)
  • Does your dog get stressed when it goes to the groomers and you wish you could just groom it yourself?
  • Do you want to save money by grooming your own dog?
  • Do you live too far from the groomer?
  • Can you simply not bare being away from your fur baby when it visits the groomer?

What ever your reason, Dog Collective Co. can teach you all you need to know to groom your four legged bestie.

Also, as this a one on one workshop for just you and your furbaby/s, you're most welcome to bring along a friend, partner, family member etc. too!

Or maybe, you want to invite another person and there dog to do the workshop with you as well. Dog grooming party anyone? 


To top it off, by the end of your workshop you'll have a freshly groomed dog too, WOOF!


Dog Collective Co. is based in Southport on the Gold Coast in QLD.


Love 'n' Licks,

Tammy & Frankie


What you can expect when you learn to groom your own dog ...

Couple and dog

It's all about you and your fur baby ...

All "DIY Dog Grooming Workshops" are individually tailored to suit you and your fur babies requirements. Prior to beginning we will discuss the "look" you'd like to achieve for your dog. 

You'll receive your own Dog Collective Co. 'How to groom your own dog' workbook to take home which we'll also be filling in throughout your training with your own personalised notes to assist you with your future grooming.

We'll also discuss what equipment you'll need and where to purchase it from in order to successfully complete your dogs grooms in the future. 

Lady shaving dog

What will you learn?

By the end of your workshop you will have the knowledge to groom your own dog which will include some or all of the following ...

  • How to properly bath your dog
  • How to blow-dry your dog
  • How to brush out your dog
  • How to brush your dogs teeth
  • How to clip your dogs nails
  • How to clean your dogs ears
  • How to trim your dogs paws and paw pads
  • How to tidy your dogs face
  • How to clip around your dogs eyes
  • How to do a sanitary clip (bottom etc.)
  • How to trim or shave your dogs coat
  • How to de-shed your dogs coat (if required)
  • Equipment and tools required to do your own grooms and how to use them
  • Maintenance of tools

Plus anything else that you may be required to learn to suit your dogs specific grooming needs.

(Please note that not all breeds may require all of the above in order to be fully groomed.)

lady bathing dog



Your "DIY Dog Grooming Workshop" is held at the Dog Collective Co. grooming studio based in Southport on the Gold Coast.  Our studio caters for both one on one training and group training sessions - big or small!


Grooming equipment & products

What do you need to supply?

Just BYO Dog (or dogs)! All grooming tools, equipment and products will be provided by Dog Collective Co. for your training session.  We will also discuss what tools and items you'll need to successfully complete your dogs grooms in the future, as well as where to purchase them from. 

Questions? Please feel free to reach out via phone, email or socials if you have any questions at all. 


Learn to to groom your own dog workshop

*All prices inclusive of GST

Private workshop

Just you, your dog and your coach 
(You're most welcome to bring along your partner/husband/wife/sister etc, or anyone else who may also groom your dog, and i'll teach you both)

  • Approximately 3 hours.
  • All tools and products supplied for training.
  • Workbook with personalised notes to keep.


Additional dog & person combination

This option is great if you want to learn your new skill with a friend or two and their dog/s...

  • This workshop may take a little longer than 3 hours
  • All tools and products supplied for training.
  • Workbook with personalised notes to keep.

$130 per additional person & dog

Additional dog/s only

If you have more than one dog and want to learn how to groom each one you will be required to add this on. Remember, 1 dog per person is already included in each workshop.

$130 per additional dog

"Learn to Groom Your Own Dog" Testimonials

lady and white dog

Jeni & Sunny  

"Learn to Groom Your Own Dog Workshop" 

Never having had a 'fluffy' dog before, I was keen to learn how to look after her properly. When I realised Tammy would actually teach you how to groom your own dog yourself, I signed up straight away.

I was very interested in learning how to do a groom in a professional way, because who knows in the near future when I retire, I might even start a new career as a dog groomer.

Tammy was very welcoming and we didn't waste any time getting to the hands on stuff. I didn't need to feel stressed about remembering everything, as she had compiled a manual with all the steps and instructions clearly set out, with lots of photos and explanations. This has been great to refer to at home, because you really do cover a lot of stuff in the session.

With Tammy's guidance, I gained confidence as we went through the various grooming tasks. I am still to do a groom at home by myself, but after the 'Learn to groom' course, I do feel confident that I know what to do. I also am reassured that Tammy is only a phone call away, if I find something a bit tricky.

I would highly recommend this course. My little dog is very shy and I can't imagine leaving her with a stranger. She would just find it too stressful. Now I can have her looking her best without having to worry. 

Catherine & Chai 

 "Learn to Groom Your Own Dog Workshop" 

I came along to Tammy's learn to groom your dog workshop and learnt how to style my dogs to a professional standard. Tammy's skills were definitely to a very high standard and it is great that she is happy to help pass these skills on to others.

lady and dog
couple with dog

Katie, Alex and Ralph

"Learn to Groom Your Own Dog Workshop" 

DIY Dog Grooming Workshop with Dog Collective Co. - what a worthy investment! We took our 6 month old Cavoodle puppy to Tammy to help us learn to groom him at home. Our pup is a little bit 'special' and struggled with other groomers who simply told us to "train him to do what we want him to do" which wasn't possible in our case. Tammy helped us learn to work with our pup and his needs creating a much less stressful experience for all involved. She was fantastic at teaching and supporting us through a full groom with all the bells and whistles. I couldn't recommend the workshop enough!

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