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Tammy and student

If you are considering Dog Grooming as a career change, you can be certain that your investment in a course at Dog Grooming Co. is money well spent. Tammy's style of teaching, her vast knowledge & experience plus the hands-on learning from day 1 means you graduate at 4 weeks feeling very well equipped to start your dog grooming journey. Tammy is so supportive of each of her students and wants us all to have a successful future in the industry. I love Tammy, I loved the course and highly recommend it.  


Dog Collective Co. Grooming Academy Graduate 2022.

Owner of  Clip & Collect Dog Grooming Illuka, NSW

Tammy and student

Tammy is so kind and talented, she was an amazing teacher. I had the best time learning from her. The continued support Tammy has given me through my grooming journey has helped so much.


Dog Collective Co. Grooming Academy Graduate 2022.

Owner of Pongy Pooches Dog Grooming. Sunshine Coast, QLD

Valeska and Tammy

I did my course with Tammy and Frank!!!  And I want to say that it was a very nice experience... I learned a difficult profession but one that gives so much satisfaction and happiness!!!  and I owe it all to Tammy, she was in charge of showing me her profession with a lot of passion and with all the care that must be taken to do a beautiful job and that our puppies are in a comfort zone all the time !!!  The course is very well planned from start to finish!!!  and the best of all is that it is VERY PRACTICAL from day 1 you start working with dogs, you learn their care and the perfect use of each tool!!!  (we made many puppies I think there were 28 in just 8 days) 1000% RECOMMENDED you will be in excellent hands if you come to DOG COLLECTIVE CO at Gold Coast!!!  What I liked the most is that Tammy had the same beautiful energy all the time, she was always kind, understanding, elegant, cheerful and Frank, not to mention, helped us a lot to keep order and was always happy to work with us !! !!  THANK YOU SO MUCH TAMMY!!!  I am very grateful... P.S.  I even had a job interview thanks to her recommendations and because they knew that I had studied with her!!!  ❤️ 🫶


Dog Collective Co. Grooming Academy Graduate 2023.

Tammy and student

I have recently completed Dog Collective Co. training with Tammy and assistant Frankie.

This course has given me the skills and confidence to open my own grooming business.

It is fast paced and designed to give "real world" experience. Tammy tailors the learning to suit different skill levels of course participants. At times I required extra guidance or assistance but this wasn't a problem. Tammy has endless patience and I was always given the support I required. I cannot recommend this course more highly.


Dog Collective Co. Grooming Academy Graduate 2022.

Tammy and student

Training with Tammy really enables students to hit the ground running! Hands on, personalised training from day one and continued mentorship, has given me the confidence to embrace my career change and develop my skills.

I now have a fantastic mentor, great friends, and a wonderful new skillset!

Thanks Tammy & Frankie!!! ❤️ ✂️ 🐾


Dog Collective Co. Grooming Academy Graduate 2022.

Owner of Glamour Pawz Mobile Dog Grooming - Gold Coast

Tammy and student

Well, where do I start?…

As you know, as I have said from start to end of this course, you have made this experience. Literally MADE this experience.

I was incredibly lost for my entire life. I struggled at school. Because I was made to feel “stupid” for not understanding the same way others did. And I can genuinely and honestly say, the way you teach, has been the thing that’s not only made me realise I love dog grooming. But also made me realise that with a bit of love, compassion and understanding I can learn! You never made me feel stupid.

I’ll forever (I mean FOREVER) be grateful for you. You have seriously guided me to the best career of my life.

The above ^ doesn’t even begin to explain how appreciative I am for meeting you and beginning my dog grooming career.

Tammy, you are the best!


Dog Collective Co. Grooming Academy Graduate 2022.

Tammy and student

I so enjoyed the course with Tammy. It is worth every cent and more. I completed the 4 weeks course with the confidence and knowledge to be able to venture into my own home-based dog grooming business.

Tammy has done an exceptional job of not only teaching me how to groom dogs, but also how to manage myself and my business as a professional groomer. I highly recommend Tammy if you are considering entering into the dog grooming world. 



Dog Collective Co. Grooming Academy Graduate 2022.

Owner of  Gold Coast Dog Grooming

Tammy and student

I enrolled in the October 2022 course at the dog collective co with the amazing Tammy after being in the healthcare industry for many years. From the moment I spoke with Tammy over the phone I knew I had made the right decision to peruse my dream of starting my own business as a mobile dog groomer. Tammy was very welcoming as soon as we walked through the doors. Her vast grooming knowledge, experience and her way teaching was fantastic. The course is very hands on. You start grooming your first dog on day 1. The course gave me so much confidence that I was able to start grooming my own first clients before the course was even finished. And full time the week after I graduated. I hit the ground running. I highly recommend dog collective co and I am so happy I decided to completely change my career. And I have peace of mind knowing Tammy is just a phone call away if I have any questions even now that I’m up and running with my new business. Thank you so much Tammy x


Dog Collective Co. Grooming Academy Graduate 2022.

Tammy and student

I can't thank Tammy more for not only the useful course she taught but also all the helpful career suggestions. She is so patient with everything. I knew nothing about grooming before the course but she taught us step by step and now everyone from my course has started their grooming journey. I will never forget the most wonderful month in Tammy's classroom.


Chi Chen

Dog Collective Co. Grooming Academy Graduate 2022.

Currently employed by a grooming salon on the Gold Coast

Tammy and student

Tammy kick started by career so I could live my dream and work with dogs. I can now say I run a very successful mobile dog grooming business in which I am looking into franchising as I can’t keep up with the demand, I make many calls to Tammy for advice, she is always available and can fix any doggo problem, I looked into many agencies that offer this sort of dog grooming course however Tammy offered flexibility around my 3 year old human child and my 9 to 5 job. Love you Tam x


Dog Collective Co. Grooming Academy Graduate 2021.

Owner of Canine Confetti - Mobile Grooner Gold Goast

Tammy and student

I recently graduated from Dog Collective Co grooming academy. I had an amazing time learning and actually grooming over 48 dogs. Tammy is a fantastic teacher and mentor and has certainly given me the confidence to go out and set up my own grooming business. Not only have I gained a mentor in Tammy but someone I call a friend as well. Thanks Tammy xx



Dog Collective Co. Grooming Academy Graduate 2021.

Owner of K9 Hair Design Studio Gold Coast

Tammy and student

From the first phone call to Tammy I new I was making the right decision. Tammy was so welcoming on the phone, no question was to insignificant, I felt I was talking to an old friend.

The course was perfect for me, we covered all the necessary areas to dog grooming, along with setting up a website page, emails, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter., plus advertising materials. Each day was a new experience with different challenges with clipping all types of dog breed coats.

Tammy will provide you with all you need to start your Dog Grooming business and it doesn’t end there. Tammy's ongoing support is amazing, always ready to take your call and talk you thought any issue you could be facing while in the middle of a groom.

I totally recommend taking Tammy's course if you are considering a career in the Dog Grooming industry.

Tammy will link you up with all your necessary dog grooming equipment suppliers as well.

You will walk away not only qualified as a professional groomer but with a very close friend in Tammy

Thank you so much Tammy for the hands on experience, your friendship and for being such a caring and patient lady/groomer, you truly are your name Gold


Dog Collective Co. Grooming Academy Graduate 2021.

Owner of Every Man and His Dog Groomers Tamworth, NSW.

Tammy and student

Thank you for making my dog grooming dream become a reality.  You're an inspirational mentor and it's been a blast!


Dog Collective Co. Grooming Academy Graduate 2021.

Owner of Pawtners Grooming Brisbane

Tammy and student

I can’t thank Tammy enough for being an amazing trainer & business mentor!! I am now confident enough to venture into my own dog grooming business & can’t wait to get started!! Highly recommend Tammy & her professional dog grooming course for anyone considering taking the leap! Frankie is an excellent assistant too.


Dog Collective Co. Grooming Academy Graduate 2021.

Owner of Canine Cuts in Ballina, NSW.

Tammy and student

"What an amazing lady and a wonderful, caring and patient teacher. I have previously completed my training with Tammy and Frankie and loved every minute of it. Tammy is very knowledgeable and supportive and will help you understand every aspect of learning about how to groom. I didn’t know anything about grooming but since I have completed my course with Dog Collective Co I too have the knowledge and understanding and I love it, so thank you Tammy"



Dog Collective Co. Grooming Academy Graduate 2021.

Owner of TransFURMations Grooming in Gaven on the Gold Coast

Tammy and student

"Hello everyone! I recently graduated at Dog collective and Co grooming academy. I did a one month full time course with another student. We groomed more than 80 dogs and had the possibility to practice our skills with a nice variety of breeds (Poodle, Schnauzer, Bichon, Yorkshire etc..) Perfect if you want to build your own portfolio since day 1. The owner/teacher Tammy is really professional and passionate about her work. She does not just teach you how to groom a dog...Tammy is willing to help you (even after you graduate) to start your own business, help you with a lot of useful information about products, tools and where to purchase whatever you need. I will give my experience an 11 out 10, definitely worth it."


Dog Collective Co. Grooming Academy Graduate 2021.

Tammy and student

"Tammy is the best mentor I’ve ever met in my life.  She’s always positive and supportive all the time!"



Dog Collective Co. Grooming Academy Graduate 2020.

Owner of Puptopia, Brisbane.

Tammy and student

"Thank you Tammy for changing my life. I now have the skills to work into my retirement - something all me degrees, diplomas and certificates couldn't offer. Your kindness and patience has been genuinely appreciated."



Dog Collective Co. Grooming Academy Graduate 2020.

Tammy and student

"Thank you so much Dog Collective Co. For teaching me and for having all those doggie models ready for us to learn to groom. 

Thank you Tammy and Frankie."


Dog Collective Co. Grooming Academy Graduate 2021.

Tammy and student

Thank you Tammy for sharing your expertise, you are truly an inspiration. I had an amazing 4 weeks at your training facility learning everything I need to know to have the confidence to open my own salon in Plainland. I look forward to many catch-ups in the future.


Dog Collective Co. Grooming Academy Graduate 2021.

Owner of Top Paws Grooming Salon in Plainland QLD.

With my love for dogs I decided I wanted to work with them. With a referral from a friend I was introduced to Tammy. From my first phone call with Tammy, I instantly felt comfortable and knew I was dealing with a true professional in the field.

After meeting her at her own salon, she showed me what basic dog grooming life was like. She was straight to the point, but she had my best interests at heart, not her own and that's what allowed me to make the decision that she was the person to train me.

I spent the next couple of weeks in her salon grooming dogs and she had me hands on from the first minute. She got as many different breeds of dogs in to enhance my knowledge of the breed cuts as best she could. Her clients loved her and had respect for her and her grooming. She certainly knows how to groom and handle a dog. During my time training I learnt many different skills in the field, not only about grooming but about the business itself and this in turn has helped me to build my own successful dog grooming business.

What I liked the best about Tammy was her ongoing support, where I could ring her with any questions even after my initial training. She was happy to help me and always encouraged me because she genuinely wanted me to succeed. I highly recommend Tammy as a dog groomer and also a dog grooming trainer.  

Danielle - Past Grooming Student

Dan’s Grooming and Pet Services

0423 337 460

I couldn’t thank Tammy enough for the time and effort she spent helping me learn the skills and techniques to become a dog groomer. She not only shared her valued knowledge, but she supported and encouraged me throughout the whole process.

The friendly and welcoming environment was perfect for my training and I am grateful she was able to tailor the training to focus on my weaknesses. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Tammy’s mentoring, it has helped grow my confidence which I can’t thank her enough.

Tammy is very passionate and dedicated and it shows within her work with every dog beautifully groomed with exceptional attention to detail.

I would highly recommend any of Tammy’s services for both dog grooming and training.

Ashlyn Grabasch - Past Grooming Student

I had the pleasure of working under Tammy Gold as I completed my certificate three in Animal Care. I was working at her dog grooming salon for over a year and continued to do so after completion of my certificate as Tammy was a kind, fair and professional boss. With Tammy’s knowledge, skills and professionalism I was able to master dog grooming in no time. Her endless knowledge and encouragement created the perfect environment to gain all the skills I wanted. The business was very steady however nothing ever felt overwhelming with Tammy’s efficiency and kind nature. I cannot recommend her training enough and will always hold fond memories of the whole experience. For all reasons I wrote above, I give Tammy Gold the highest recommendation as an educator in dog grooming, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Rose Presto - Past Grooming Student

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