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Student and dog
Student and dog
Student and dog


As Dog Collective Co. is also a training academy for dog groomers, we regularly require 'doggie models' for our trainee groomers to learn on.


All grooms are assisted and supervised by a professional dog groomer trainer (Tammy) at all times.

As grooms are being done by a trainee, all services are 50% off the usual price.



(Don't forget to half the written price)


If your dog is under 15kgs and well behaved we'd love to have them in as a 'doggie model'.

Larger dogs also welcome as Doggie Models - please enquire about price and availability.


Please contact Tammy on 0404 124 208 for availability as this service can't currently be booked online.


For Doggie Model Bookings & Questions:

Call or Message Tammy on 0404 124 208


Does your dog need a full groom, tidy-up or bath? ✂️

Dog Collective Co. Grooming Academy requires 

'Doggie Models". 🐩

💵 Cost? 50% off all services. See services here.

🐶 What? Well behaved dogs - Small to Medium in size (under 15kgs).

✂️ Why? Training new dog grooming stylists.

🔎 How? Assisted & supervised by professional dog groomer trainer.

🏡 Where? Dog Collective Co. Grooming Academy. 163 Nerang St, Southport.

✏️ How to book? Message, call, email or click the link to chat ...

📞 Questions? Bookings? Tammy 0404 124 208, email or click link to chat

Doggie Model 

Bookings & Questions:

Call or Message Tammy on 0404 124 208


Student and dog
Student and dog
Student and dog

For Doggie Model Bookings & Questions:

Call or Message Tammy on 0404 124 208


Dog Collective Co. Grooming Studio Information, Terms & Conditions

By booking your dog/s in to the Dog Collective Co. Grooming Studio you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the following:

Drop off - Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes prior to your appointment without prior arrangement as this may disturb other grooms in process or the entrance gate may still be locked. We also request you’re not late for your appointment as we may not have enough time to fit your groom in. Please call 0404 124 208 if you know you may be late to discuss.

Pick-up -Pick-up - You will receive a text message once your dogs groom is complete. We ask that dogs are picked up within 30 minutes unless alternative arrangements have been made - After this time late pick-up fees of $10 per 15 minutes or part thereof will apply. We also request you do not turn up early to pick up your dog as this can disturb the grooming process and the groom may not be able to be completed. Incessant barkers must be picked up immediately after their groom. 

Matted/Knotted Coats - Coats with excessive Matts/Knots may incur an extra charge. Your desired groom may not be possible if your dog’s coat is matted or knotted. We will not brush out bad matts/knots as this is distressing for your fur baby and can scare them off future grooms. We'll cut/shave matts & knots out as neatly as possible to give your dog a fresh start.

Difficult to Groom Dogs - If your dog is difficult to groom we may not be able to complete your desired groom, however, we will endeavour to still make your fur baby beautiful. Extra charges may apply for additional grooming time.

Aggressive Dogs - We reserve the right not to groom or complete the groom of dogs exhibiting aggressive behaviour. Charges may still apply.

Fleas - If your dog is found to have fleas a flea rinse will be applied and additional fee's will be charged.

Anal Gland Expression - We do NOT offer anal gland expression, as this should be performed by a licensed veterinarian.

Emergencies - In the event of an emergency, in your absence, you authorise Dog Collective Co. to contact the nearest Veterinarian and authorise the Vet to treat the pet as necessary at your expense.

Pre-existing conditions - It is your responsibility as a pet owner to inform the groomer of any known pre-existing conditions.

Doggie Models - If you book your dog in as a 'Doggie Model', you understand that your dog will be groomed by a Trainee under the supervision of a groomer trainer and the groom will be at a discounted rate of 50% off.

Payment - Payment is to be made at the time of pick-up. Payment can be cash or credit card.

Dog Collective Co. will always do their best to protect the health, wellbeing and safety of your dog whilst on premises. You acknowledge that accidents can and do happen and you hereby absolve Dog Collective Co. and its groomer(s) & Trainees from any and all responsibility involving, injury, escape, damage or disease during and after their grooming appointment.

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