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A seminar on DIY dog maintenance

Embark on a journey to become your dog's grooming guru with our DIY Dog Maintenance Seminar and discover the secrets to keeping your furry friend looking and feeling their best between professional grooming sessions.

As a seasoned industry professional with years of firsthand experience in canine care, witnessing the unfortunate consequences of neglected maintenance, I am dedicated to equipping dog parents with the skills to care for their furry companions between grooming sessions.


Our group seminars empower pet parents with practical skills including brushing techniques, tidying/cleaning of eyes and ears, as well as hygiene maintenance. Join my seminars to discover the secrets of maintaining your dog's well-being at home, ensuring they remain happy, healthy, and safely maintained between grooms.


Let's empower pet parents and transform the lives of our beloved four-legged friends together. Join us and unleash the inner stylist in you while also strengthening the bond with your beloved canine companion.

Your pup's well-being begins with you – let the grooming adventure begin!

Love 'n' Licks,
Tammy & Frankie

Tammy and Frankie

Have a question?

CALL Tammy: 0404 124 208 or CLICK HERE to send a message

Top dog, groomer trainer & seminar presenter
Tammy with assistant Frankie

What will you learn during the seminar?

  • How to clip your dogs nails 

  • How to maintain your dogs hygiene area's including bottom (yay! No more pooey butts!)

  • How to keep your dogs eyes clean and clear of hair

  • How to keep your dogs paw pads clean and clear of hair

  • How to correctly brush and comb your dog to prevent matting/knotting (no more naked shave-off's at the groomers - woohoo!)

  • How to maintain your dogs ears, inside and out

  • Plus, lots more tips and tricks!

About the seminar

Cost and other info ...

Can my dog come along to the seminar?

Of course! It's all about them after all! Or, just come along by yourself if you feel your pooch may not be comfortable in the seminar environment with other people and dogs.


How long does the seminar go for?

The seminar goes for approximately 2 hours. 

How much does it cost to attend?

The cost is $110 per person to attend - Furry friends are free!

Will there be other people there?

Yes! As these are group seminars there will be multiple people and their furry friends there too.

What do I need to bring?

Nothing at all - just you and your furry best buddy. 

Will we be doing any hands on grooming during the seminar?

Yes! We will be having "groom time" where we can put into action some of what we have learnt during the seminar. 


Commonly asked

Can I bring more than one dog?

Most certainly! As long as you can keep them under control at all times.

How do I know if it's worth doing this seminar for my dog?

Does your dog have hair which grows over their eyes? Does your dog have nails which regularly need clipping? Does your dog get a pooey bottom? Does your dog's hair get knotty and/or matted? If you answered yes to more than one of these questions, this seminar is for you!

What if I can't remember everything I learn at the seminar?

Don't worry as you'll have written information to take home to refer back to.

Will I be able to ask questions at the seminar?

Yes! We will have a Q & A session during the seminar.

Have a question?

CALL Tammy: 0404 124 208 or CLICK HERE to send a message

Upcoming Seminars

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"Canine Care Between Grooms" Seminars Commence in February 2024 on the Gold Coast. Register your interest to be informed of upcoming seminars. Seminars are currently being held on the Gold Coast and surrounds with new locations/cities being added soon. Please register with your location to be informed when we are coming to your area.

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